This year, thanks to a grant from National Lottery and Arts Council England, our Shakespeare play will incorporate elements of everyday digital media, such as QR Codes and wireless headphones, to form an interactive element for audiences to enjoy.

Anyone with a smart phone will be able to interact with the play as it happens and afterwards.

a QR code

What is a QR code?

A QR code (quick response code) is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone. Originally developed to track inventory in car factories, these codes are increasingly used for other purposes; to share a web link, email address, video, etc.

QR codes are captured with a scanner app on a smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to take a photo containing the barcode, it then analyses the machine-readable data and converts it to the appropriate text, web page or video link.

How are they used in the show?

There will be a number of codes for audience members to scan – some will be located around the venue, others will be in the programme – to enhance the experience of the show. Don't worry though, if you can't scan the codes then the show will still make sense for you; all the codes provide additional, supplementary material to enhance the experience beyond that of a traditional stage play.

Get Scanning!

You don't need to wait to come to the show to start scanning. Explore the images on this website (they are not all the same), find a copy of the Windsor Globe flyer, or just keep your eyes out for code when out and about – you may be surprise how many there are!

What do I need to scan QR codes?

There are many apps available for most smartphones that will scan QR codes and on some phones it is built-in. Search the app store for "QR code reader" and you will find many options.

Below we have listed a few suggestions to get you started.



Windows Phone


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