A fabulous and fun new musical commissioned by The Windsor Globe.

Aesop’s Fables refers to a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and story-teller who lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BC. His fables are some of the most well known in the world.

We presented four of his fables in one brand new family musical show:

The Hare and the Tortoise, The Dog and his Reflection,
The Lion and the Mouse & The Traveller and Fortune

Toe tapping tunes and lots of laughing - as well as some excellent life lessons. Suitable for all the family, from ages 4+.

Did you know…

What are Fables?

Fables are short stories which illustrate a particular moral and teach a lesson to children. The theme and characters appeal to children and the stories are often humorous and entertaining. Fables can also be described as tales or yarns which have a message in their narrative such as a parable might have. Fables can often pass into our culture as myths and legends.