Directed by Bart Lee

Produced by Niki Robinson


Arts Council England Lottery Funded


The Windsor Globe are back this summer with a new production of Shakespeare’s Richard III. This gritty drama will be presented in our found space, pop up theatre by a cast of professional actors. The production will also use trans-media to delve into the darker sides of Richard's brain, allowing the mechanics of the Machiavellian mind to be expressed clearly in a modern context. This production will be bold and slick, building on our excellent reputation for delivering vibrant, immediate Shakespeare shows.

Working in partnership with creative junction, RBWM, ACE and Haybrook College, this festival is breaking new boundaries and taking bold creative steps into the mind of one our most controversial monarchs…

Parental Advisory

This production contains adult themes of strong violence, murder, and one brief scene of male nudity. As such, it is not suitable for young children.

Get interactive

The show uses modern technology to enhance the experience of the audience, to immerse them in the story and to provide a richer background on the characters.

You can start right now–no need to wait until you are in the theatre–so get scanning and get following…

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Follow Richard

Got twitter? Follow King Richard and find out what he is thinking. Keep an eye on it during the show too, for his thoughts on the other characters.

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Cast list

Ellis Wells
Richard / Citizen
Tim Schulz
Buckingham / Guard / Second Murderer / King Edward IV / Richmond
Rajan Sharma
Clarence / Rivers / Catesby / Citizen
Eve Winters
Lady Anne / Queen Elizabeth / Ratcliff / Citizen
Sarah Devon
Queen Margaret / Duchess of York / Lord Mayor / Grey / Vaughn / Stanley
Bart Lee
Hastings / Murderer / Archbishop of York / Tyrell
Max Puplett
Christopher Urswick (video only)
Tyler Keohane
Prince Edward
Oliver Allison
Prince of York
Ben Rockall
Prince of York
Eleanor Tutt
Girl (video only)
Rowena Winstone
Girl (video only)