Directed by Bart Lee

Produced by Niki Robinson

The setting is the recent riots in London, two families are at each others throats whilst looting TV'S and IPADS. Montague versus Capulet, old money versus new, east end versus west. They spew their hate onto the streets and on to their children. Misguided youth and mismanagement of teenage emotions combine to tell the greatest tragedy and the greatest love story of all time.

Cast list

Matthew Wellard
Amelia Kirk
Friar Lawrence
Tim Schulz
Richard Marsland
The Nurse
Sarah Devon
Tybalt/Friar John
Murray Smith
Capulet/Lady Capulet
Eve Winters
Raj Sharma
Lady Montague
Amy McGavin
Paris/Prince Escalus
Klemens Koehring
Sampson/The Apothecary
Emily Dance