Richard III

Education resources

In 2013, thanks to a grant from Arts Council England, we were able to extend our outreach. Director Bart Lee worked with a group of students from Haybrook College who produced a video and soundscape based on their work with him. They also visited the rehearsals for the show and met the actors. Their work can be seen here.

We have also reproduced the QR codes used in the show as a permanent resource for students and teachers of drama. These codes, when scanned, link to additional material from the show.

What is a QR code and how do I use them?

You will need a mobile phone or tablet with internet connectivity to make use of QR codes. If you have either of these, search your phone’s app store for ‘QR code reader’ and pick a suitable app; or go to this page for some suggestions.

A QR Code is a little square, made up of many small squares. They are a new kind of barcode, and when scanned using the free app for phones or other devices lead you to internet sites, or other pieces of information and video without having to type an address.

Below are the QR codes that were located around the theatre and in the programme, which lead you to character information, and also secret videos with deleted scenes.

Character Backgrounds

Characters of the show

Deleted Scenes

“Now is the winter of our discontent…”

[Act I, Sc I]

“He Cannot Live, I hope; and must not die…”

[end Act I, Sc I]

“Was ever woman in this humour woo’d…”

[end Act I, Sc II]

“Tell me…”

[end Act II, Sc II]

“Sir Christopher…”

[end Act IV, Sc V]

Haybrook College

Director Bart Lee visited students at Haybrook College to conduct a workshop on Shakespeare and Richard III. They spent the time looking at the way that Shakespeare used language in the text to create rhythm, tempo and poetry, drawing on the comparisons with modern music and spoken work performance.

The culmination of this work was to record and film a spoken work/musical performance piece based on the opening monologue from Richard III. This work can be listened to or watched here.